Jan 24: Boot Camp #2

Ira Glass on creative work

In class feedback

You have been assigned a partner to share your assignment with. Have a conversation about the assignment and prepare the following for a quick in class presentation of your partners work:

Describe what your partner was thinking in the process of making these images. 

Say what you think is really strong about them. 

Say what could have been improved or what could be developed more. 

Prepare a question for them about these images. 
Prepare a question for the class about the images.

Boot Camp #2

Create the following image using hooper.jpg and knif.jpg I’ve given you:


***Extra Credit***

Create an editorial collage inside Photoshop that responds to the political events of the last week. If you need help getting started, Google image search editorial collage illustration



Any selection can be turned into a mask. Once you have made a selection, go to Layer>Layer Mask and then selection either Reveal Selection of Hide Selection. Remember masks are useful because they can be edited, no selection is ever permanent.

The basics of making selections

magnetic and polygonal lasso tool

magic wand and quick selection tools

Select Color Range

Select and Mask



Next class we are going to check out this show

In the afternoon class, we are going to go to the talk from 5 to 6. The evening class should go to the CAG gallery directly, and ideally get there for the beginning of the reception at 6 (It’s okay if you are a little late). You will need to take pictures of the event for a blog post that will be assigned on Thursday.