Introduction to Digital Media, Art 2011

w/ Prof. Landry


Office Hours 230pm-330pm Tuesdays and Thursday, by appointment


An external hard drive with either a USB-3, Firewire 800, or Thunderbolt cable: You are responsible for turning your projects in on time, regardless of technical difficulties, therefore backing up is essential. A flash drive is a terrible way to store your projects and media. If you save everything on your computer you will eventually slow the computer down/run out of space.

Headphones: Many of the tutorials/resources for this class are videos. Later in the semester you will also do some sound editing.

Adobe Creative Cloud Membership: As a UConn student you can get the Creative Cloud for free. Information on how to install and use the membership can be found here:

Nearly all the work we will do inside and outside this class will use the adobe creative cloud. It is your responsibility to access this software, keep it up to date, and troubleshoot/seek help should problems arise.

Participation and Attendance

This class is sequential, cumulative and experiential, and the only way to gain proficiency is through constant practice. In other words, you have to be here to learn.

*** Snow Day Policy*** Since this is a digital class, you will be expected to complete and submit work if there is a snow day. The work will be an adaptation of whatever was planned for that day. Make sure to check your email when a snow day has been announced as you will receive a message from me with instructions.



Your grade is broken down into the following categories

Homework 10%

Boot camps: These are completed in class. When there is a boot camp you will be given a task based on online tutorials, and/or an in-class demonstration. The completion of this assignment in class counts as your homework (These cannot be completed at home and turned in for credit unless you have arranged so beforehand and/or written documentation is provided (athletic, university-sanctioned, religious, health, etc.))

Blog posts: These will be assigned throughout the semester and should be completed before the following class

Critique: Your attendance and participation in discussions about work is essential to this class and counts towards your grade.  

Exams 5%

You will have three in-class exams; one on Photoshop, one on Illustrator, and one in After Effects. This is an open-book exam, which means you’ll be able to reference resources online, and you can ask me and your classmates questions, but you must complete it in class.

Assignments 35%

You’ll have eight assignments. They will be assigned on Thursdays and reviewed on Tuesdays. Each assignment is graded.  

Projects 50%

You’ll have four projects, including your final project.



Week 1

Jan 17, Introductions, WordPress Intro, Photoshop Basics

Jan 19, Photoshop: Boot Camp #1, resize vs. resample,  compression,  camera RAW, and masks

Week 2

Jan 24, Photoshop Assignment #1 Due, Boot Camp #2, advanced selections, refine edge, clipping masks

Jan 26, Photoshop: Boot Camp #3, adjustment layers, color, Gonzalez and Menchaca talk

Week 3

Jan 31, Photoshop Assignment #2 Due,  Photoshop: Boot Camp #4, blending modes, gradients, clone stamping, clipping masks part II

Feb 2,  Photoshop: Boot Camp #5, Make a GIF, SFA Faculty opening at Benton Museum

Week 4

Feb 7, Photoshop Assignment #3 Due, Cool Trick Post

Feb 9, Photoshop Exam

Week 5

Feb 14, Project #1 Due, Illustrator Basics

Feb 16, Illustrator: Boot Camp # 1, pen tool, shapes, transforming objects

Week 6

Feb 21, Illustrator Assignment #4 Due, Illustrator: Boot Camp #2, drawing modes, pathfinder, and shape builder

Feb 23, Illustrator Boot Camp # 3, brushes, live Paint, trace image

Week 7

Feb 28, Illustrator Assignment #5 Due,  Illustrator Boot Camp #4, text, color, gradients, meshes

Mar 2, Photoshop Review  

Week 8

Mar 7, Illustrator Assignment #6 Due,  Cool Trick Post

Mar 9,  Illustrator Exam

********SPRING BREAK*****

Week 9

Mar 21, After Effects Basics, interface and key framing, Boot Camp #1, manipulating keyframes

Mar 23,  AE review, exporting, nesting,  Project #2 Due (date changed) 

Week 10

Mar 28, After Effects Assignment #7 Due, After Effects Boot Camp #2, animation presets, motion sketch, and effects

Mar 30, After Effects Boot Camp #3, masks, editing sound

Week 11

Apr 4,  After Effects Assignment #8 Due, Joseph Delappe Talk, After Effects Cool Trick! Post

Apr 6, After Effects Boot Camp #4, 3D and lighting, 

Week 12

Apr 11,One on one meeting about final project  

Apr 13, Project #3 Due (date changed) 

Week 13

Apr 18, After Effects Exam

Apr 20, Final project in process peer review

Week 14

Apr 25,  Work day

Apr 27, Final project due (date changed) 

*** This Schedule is subject to change. Any changes will be announced in class***

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